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The Scorpion's design came from the "twisted" mind of Soni Honegger.

Soni had an idea for a new suspension system that he had filed away in the back of his mind over the years. Finally, he had the chance to build it and see if it actually works.

The idea was to connect the front and rear axles through a set of linkages and "equalizer bars" and use the pivot points of them to locate the body when the axles articulate.

The Scorpion MkI was the first example of this idea. And it worked! The MkI went on to win the 1998 Top Truck Challenge. The MkI was further refined into the MkII and  MkIV Models.

The revolutionary design for the Scorpion's suspension allows it to keep all four tires on the ground with virtually equal ground pressure in almost any situation.The Scorpion can conquer terrain that other vehicles cannot. And, the Scorpion handles the terrain without the bone-jarring ride characteristic of other off-road vehicles. This allows the Scorpion to be used in a rescue role to provide a soft ride for injured persons extracted from rough terrain. The terrain benefits, as well, as the Scorpion is gentle on the ground it traverses.

We are a strong supporter of the "Tread Lightly" philosophy. We observe proper trail etiquette to preserve nature and the comfort and safety of those people and animals sharing the trails. We respect vegetation and work to keep the environment clean and undisturbed.

As with any vehicle used off-road, extreme care must be exercised when traversing uneven or rough terrain. Although we design and build the Scorpion to be stable and safe, you must rely on your common sense, good judgment, and caution. Safety is YOUR responsibility. NO ammount of engineering can change the laws of physics.

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