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MKI during filming of "The Feed"2800 viewsMKI on the set of "The Feed". MKI to be the vehicle in the movie.55555
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Chile Challenge 2.jpg
Twisted Climb3311 views33333
(6 votes)
Scorpion Trademark3125 viewsPreferred Chassis Fabrication, Inc. recieves "Scorpion" registration from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in the "International Class 12" for "Motor Vehicles, Parts and Fittings Therefor" on October 27, 200933333
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1-10-2005 #3.jpg
Off-Road Cargo Transport Top Of Climb2957 viewsRough terrain cargo transport in the Tucson Mountains33333
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Redington_s Three Feathers.jpg
Three Feathers2384 viewsLuis Ochoa took this "crossed up" pic during a recent run to Chivo Falls outside of Tucson, Az.33333
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Loader Crawl 6.jpg
Loader Crawl2793 views33333
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MKIV towing.jpg
MKIV towing4296 viewsMKIV diesel hauling the MKI on a Scorpion Hauler trailer33333
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Moab 9.jpg
Vendor Display Easter Jeep Safari 20052093 views"Chrome"33333
(8 votes)
Scorpion Pincher 017.jpg
Scorpion Pincher3100 viewsComing out of the "Scorpion Pincher"33333
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Tracys Moab004.jpg
MKI on Rocker Knocker3591 viewsComing out of Rocker Knocker in Prichett Canyon33333
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Scorpion Pincher 013.jpg
Scorpion Pincher3166 views33333
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Bill's MKIV on the Piles2539 views33333
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