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Cops and Rodders 2007 #2.jpg
MKI towing Chrome2547 views2007 Cops and Rodders
Scorpion Pincher 007.jpg
Tracys Moab015.jpg
Cops and Rodders.JPG
Cops and Rodders Car Show 20084367 views"HOT" even for the Hooters girls!
MKIV at Team Ramco.JPG
Team Ramco5003 viewsScorpion MKIV at Team Ramco's shop in Yuma, AZ.
Jeffs 005b.jpg
Jeff & Liz Johnsons MKII-K5423 viewsChecking articulation
Yosemite 009 (2).jpg
MKI at TDS in Southern California3634 views

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MKI during filming of "The Feed"2800 viewsMKI on the set of "The Feed". MKI to be the vehicle in the movie.Nov 13, 2012
Redington_s Three Feathers.jpg
Three Feathers2384 viewsLuis Ochoa took this "crossed up" pic during a recent run to Chivo Falls outside of Tucson, Az.May 22, 2012
Tucson Citizen Article.jpg
"Joy Sticking" Chrome2878 views"Joy Stick" operation of the MKIV-A robotic Scorpion "Chrome" during a demonstration/photo shoot.May 10, 2012
MKIV towing.jpg
MKIV towing4296 viewsMKIV diesel hauling the MKI on a Scorpion Hauler trailerFeb 02, 2012
Feb 2012 FourWheeler 2.jpg
FourWheeler Magazine Feb. 20123601 viewsIn the Feb. 2012 issue of FourWheeler Magazine the nineteen Top Truck Champions are covered by year since the first TTC in 1993. Heath Biggs and the original Scorpion MKI won in 1998. The Scorpion was the first tube-chassis rig to compete and the first non-Jeep based rig to take the TTC crown. The MKI was a sign of things to come. Heath Biggs and the Scorpion are invited to compete in the 20th Anniversary Top Truck Challenge with the 18 other Champions and one reader selected rig. Stay tuned for up dates.Dec 19, 2011
Heath_s MKIV on Tabasco Twister during Chile Challenge.jpg
Heath's MKIV on Tabasco Twister at the Chile Challenge4228 viewsOct 13, 2011
Heath_s MKIV.jpg
Heath's MKIV in Moab4328 viewsOct 13, 2011
Registered Trademark.jpg
Registered Trademark8633 viewsPreferred Chassis Fabrication Inc.'s Registered Trademark
Registration #3701743
Apr 21, 2011